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Week 2 Photo Challenge: Landscape

This week's photo challenge is to take a landscape photograph. This is my bread and butter with photography and what I have the most experience with. Whenever I'm traveling outside of the United States, I tend to take a lot of photos of the touristy areas, 

Having grown up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, there's plenty of mountainous landscape to take pictures of. Unfortunately for me, the weather is not cooperating on this short weekend back home. With low lying clouds, it's almost impossible to get any pictures of the mountains.

So with the bad weather, I decided to make the most of it and incorporate it into my landscape photo for this week. It's been snowing pretty hard this morning, so I decided to make that an element of my photograph of Main Street in Bethlehem, NH. I chose this location, mostly because of the large sign on the left, stating where this picture was taken. It was tough to get pictures of the snow falling and took several attempts. Enjoy!

The Week 1 photo challenge: a self portrait, or "selfie". 

I know what you're thinking....the lens cap is still on the camera. I did this on purpose. I believe it's just as important not to take a photo as much as it is to take one. For example, one of the hardest lessons that I am still learning is the difference between a "snap shot" and a "photograph". 

A snap shot is a quick raise of the camera to your eye and a push on the shutter button, without much, if any, thought about camera settings, background, artistic effects, etc. Sometimes, when something truly interesting or photogenic happens right in front of you, well, then you may not have a choice if you want to capture that moment.

A photograph is a well thought out, planned and envisioned image by the photographer. Every aspect of the image has been predetermined by the photographer with a specific end result in mind. The aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition, background, bokeh (Japanese for out of focus background blur), etc. All of these things were in mind before the shutter button was pressed.

Having constantly thinking about this whenever my camera is in hand, I tend to think to myself "is this a snap shot or a photograph"? If there photo will be uninteresting or not set up just right the way I envision it, then sometimes it's better not to take the shot. Hence, sometimes it's better to leave the lens cap on and take better photos.

The picture above was taken in a park near Piazza del Popollo in Rome, Italy. I forgot what I was looking at, but I was definitely pondering whether or not to take a photo of something I saw. In the end, I opted not to and decided that was the moment I wanted to capture. That decision not to shoot.

Do you have any photos that you wish you have spent just a little bit more time on and changed the camera settings or composition ever so slightly to have taken a better photo? Please share below. Thank you very much!